Mother of Thomas Valva agrees to have other sons evaluated despite concerns over CPS

The mother of the 8-year-old Center Moriches boy who died of hypothermia came face-to-face Thursday with people accused of killing her son.
On Monday, a judge ruled in favor of Justyna Zubko-Valva, granting her temporary custody of her other sons, Anthony and Andrew.
Today, Zubko-Valva reluctantly agreed to have the boys evaluated by an expert in sexual and mental abuse. She originally told a judge she didn't trust Child Protective Services because she feels the agency didn't protect her son.
Judge Frank Tantone told her, "I understand where you're coming from. I understand why you don't trust but I need you to trust me."
Prosecutors say her son Thomas was forced to sleep in a freezing garage by his NYPD father Michael and his father's fiancee Angela Pollina. Both have been charged with murder.
"I hope that justice is going to be served ... at this point I would like to see a federal investigation," says Zubko-Valva.
Earlier Thursday, Pollina was in court, where a judge eased up some restrictions regarding supervision of her three daughters, who are in the custody of their fathers.
Michael Valva told the judge he doesn't have an attorney and can't afford one. He's being screened for legal aid.