Mother accused of failing to surrender 3-year-old boy to CPS plead not guilty

A mother accused of failing to surrender a 3-year-old child to CPS pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges of endangering the welfare of a child and custodial interference.
Selina Elswick and Thomas Sollas were arrested on Tuesday after police say Elswick failed to show up to a court appearance on Jan. 22 where she was supposed surrender her son Damian to CPS.
Police reported the 3-year-old as missing after Elswick failed to surrender the child to CPS.
Police say they arrested Elswick when they saw her walking down New York Avenue in Huntington Station.
Police say the investigation led them to a nearby home where the child was found with Sollas.
Police say Sollas is Damian's father, but there are conflicting reports. Two women at court said on Wednesday that Sollas is not the boy's biological father. A woman told News 12 her son is the boy's father, but he has been incarcerated since Damien was born. The woman says her son is petitioning to have a paternity test done.
Sollas was released without bail.
It is unclear at this time why Elswick needed to surrender her 3-year-old son to CPS.