More Sandy victims claim LI contractor scammed them

More alleged victims of a Smithtown-based contractor have come forward after News 12's report Wednesday. 
News 12 reported that Capstone Remodeling and owner Lee Moser were paid to lift homes that were once destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. After contracts were signed and thousands had been paid, homeowners say work was either not performed or underperformed. 
David Ramroop, of Amityville, told News 12 that a second party, Blair Rocchio, was also involved in the alleged scam. Ramroop says it was Rocchio who sold him on the job, wrote and rewrote the contract and who signed it as the company's vice president. 
"Their whole goal I don't think is to do the work. It's to collect money," says Ramroop. 
Ramroop says Blair specifically stated that they fired subcontractors because they were doing a bad job on other projects and they didn't like how they were handling the project. Ramroop says he got a totally different story from one of the subcontractors.  
"I said, 'why did you get fired?' He said 'I did not get fired. I refuse to work for them anymore because they owed me $25,000 on another job and $10,000 for this job,'" says Ramroop. 
There have been 13 complaints against Capstone in Nassau and four in Suffolk. The district attorney's offices in both counties are reviewing the allegations. 
News 12's efforts to contact Lee Moser have not been successful. 
Blair Rocchio told News 12 that he was simply an employee of Capstone Remodeling and doesn't know anything about jobs not getting done or about any alleged scam.