Mix of relief, concern from parents, students and staff as school plans are finalized

After a long wait, the decision on whether schools will be allowed to welcome back students has been handed down. Now parents, students and teachers are reacting.
It's not normally what you hear from students in August, but many say they're excited to go back to school.
Many say they're worn out by at-home learning, and are ready to possibly get to be in their school's hallways again. Some parents feel similarly.
"It was a lot of constantly reminding him to get on Google Classroom and do the work," says Jeannine Kastrinos, of Kings Park.
Most just want a feeling of normalcy that being in the classroom can bring, even if it's only a few days per week.
"They need it. They need structure. We had a difficult time with distance learning," says Geraldine Perotta, of Smithtown.
But another parent from Smithtown doesn't agree. She says it is too soon and will be home schooling her 7-year-old daughter to keep others in the family safe.
"I have a son who has health problems. So I can't let her go to school and bring something home," she says.
Some teachers also say they're concerned about going back to school. One says she's not sure if kids will be able to follow social distancing guidelines.
"Very scary. We're going to do the best we can. Nobody has ever been here before," she says. "I think it's unrealistic to expect students to wear masks all day."
One group of kids News 12 spoke to says they wouldn't mind wearing masks all day, as long as they can get back to school.
"Wearing a mask is the safest thing. And it's not that big of an inconvenience," one student says.
"They're annoying but we have to be safe," says another student.