LI man walking 130 miles to support friend recovering from coronavirus

A Merrick man is stepping up to support a friend who is recovering from COVID-19.
Craig Jamison was a healthy, physically fit 39-year-old man. That all changed 52 days ago.
Forty days in the hospital later and now 40 pounds lighter, Jamison is back home. But his road to recovery from coronavirus will be long and hard.
"One day I woke up not feeling good at all," said Jamison. "We have a child so my wife called an ambulance. Certain organs just started to malfunction. I'm on dialysis now and that's something I have to deal with. There's a 50/50 shot my kidneys could come back."
To support Jamison, his friend Todd Krystopher is walking more than 130 miles from the Brooklyn Bridge to Montauk to raise money for Jamison's family.
Krystopher is walking about 30 miles a day, ending in East Islip Tuesday night. He hopes to make it to Montauk by Friday.
Krystopher says each step is a push toward his friend's recovery.
"Last night I was in bed with my wife. I was like, 'Ah my feet are killing me.' She was like, 'Just think about what Craig went through,'" said Krystopher.
Jamison was able to walk with Krystopher for a little bit Tuesday, to thank him for his help.
For more information on Walk For Craig, click here.