Mepham HS seniors climb stairs to raise funds for Tunnel to Towers Organization

Seniors at Mepham High School are doing their part to raise money for the Tunnel to Towers Organization.
Students at the North Bellmore school climbed stairs Thursday afternoon to honor and remember fallen first responders.
Each semester, seniors pick an organization for which to do a service learning project. This year, they picked the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which helps families of fallen first responders.
North Bellmore firefighters joined students and staff members to climb 110 flights of stairs up and down the three-story school.
"We grew up and all knew that 9/11 was a day we'll never forget," says Chris Patten, a social studies teacher at the school. "Our kids will forget because they weren't born so it's our job to teach them and have them participate in events like this. Then they truly will never forget."
All proceeds from the event are going to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.
Students say running up and down the stairs for a good cause was worth it and hope the school continues the tradition,