On to Williamsport: Massapequa heads to Little League World Series

The Massapequa Coast Little League team is heading to the Little League World Series with a 4-0 win in the Metro Region championship.
The 12-year-olds from Massapequa are the first Long Island team to make it to the World Series since 1978.
Ahead of the game, the players showed confidence in their ability to win.
"Tonight, we are going to come out there - play our hardest - we're going to show them who Massapequa Coast is," says Alex Pagano.
Around 500 people made the trip from Massapequa.
Former Mets and Yankee pitcher David Cone also had a message for the team before the game.
"Massapequa Coast, go get it, this is the time of your life," Cone said in a recorded message. "Win or lose, you are all champs, now go get 'em and have a great game..."