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Massapequa store owner makes angels for nurses on front lines

Since COVID-19 forced Catherine Camisa to close her once packed studio, she wanted to do something to show her appreciation.

News 12 Staff

May 11, 2020, 3:46 PM

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A Massapequa store owner is showing her appreciation to front-line workers by gifting them a little white angel.
Catherine Camisa is the owner of Mom's Ceramics in Massapequa, and she's making the angels "fly" to nurses on the front-lines of the pandemic.
“I think it perks up their day a little bit to know someone is thinking of them,” says Camisa.
Since COVID-19 forced her to close her once packed studio, Camisa wanted to do something to show her appreciation.
Camisa says she got the idea after speaking with her friend Donna whose daughter is a nurse at South Nassau Communities Hospital.
“I do ceramics, so I thought an angel would signify what they mean to me,” says Camisa.
Camisa says nurses are the real-life angels who wear scrubs.
Camisa's "Angels Wear Scrubs" project started to catch on as she donated more and more angels to hospitals.
When word got out about her generosity, the company that created the angel mold sent Camisa several additional molds and another company donated extra paint. Camisa went from making 10 angels a day to making 200.
As for the nurses, they say the angels give them hope.
Since last month, Camisa has delivered and shipped 3,000 angels to more than 35 hospitals in 12 states.
From one simple act of kindness, her project has now turned into a movement - 50 other ceramic studios across America have started making angels for nurses in their area.
Camisa has put in about $2,000 of her own money into this effort, but now needs help to continue her Angels project.
Angels Wear Scrubs by Mom's Ceramics:

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