Massapequa middle school celebrates ‘Take a Veteran to School Day’

Students in Massapequa welcomed dozens of veterans into their school Friday.
A few days before Veterans Day, Berner Middle School held Take a Veteran to School Day. For this event, 32 veterans of all ages and from different military branches shared their stories with students.
Eighth grader Kate Fritz said this was especially an important day for her because her father served 13 years as an Army captain. “I think it’s really cool that he can share with all my classmates and friends what he’s gone through and everything,” she says.
Her father, Steve Fritz, says he hopes he can be a role model for the students. He says, “I hope some of these kids can look up to us and see that there is a way to go to put that uniform on and do good stuff for America.”
One student says he already plans join the force. Joshua Abras says, “Once I get out of high school I’m going to be going straight to the Marines. I’m going to go do some training— hopefully make it and serve my country.”
Some students say the face-to-face interaction with the veterans is something that a textbook can’t teach.

“I like physically communicating and, especially the pictures that he has… I like looking at that because it’s like a primary source. You’re talking to someone who has been through that and that’s why it’s 100% better than textbooks,” says Gianna Bonacorso.
Principal Jason Esposito says it was important that students got the opportunity to speak directly with the veterans. He says, “To have the veterans come and teach our children about service, have them interactive with the veterans, asking questions hearing their stories, means so much to the kids and I think it means a lot to the veterans too. The things their passing on, having it come directly from them, it just means more.”
This is the 12th year Berner Middle School has done this Veterans Day event.