Marine finds anti-troop sticker plastered on car

A Marine from Baldwin Harbor says his car was targeted last week in an act of cowardice when someone plastered an anti-troops bumper sticker on the vehicle.
The homemade bumper sticker placed on the car of Lance Cpl. Gregory McGlynn read, ?I LOOTED Iraq and all I got was this lousy Bumper Sticker!?
McGlynn says the act shows ?complete disrespect for people who served with me and died for our country.?
McGlynn, a 26-year-old reservist, served seven months in Iraq. His battalion was involved in counter-insurgency missions in Anbar Province and guarding the local air base. He says the U.S. military has made a difference in the lives of Iraqis and is extremely proud of his service.
The Marine says he would serve another tour in a heartbeat and is currently working as a recruiter's assistant to enlist other Long Islanders. He is heading to Hofstra University in the fall to major in political science with an eye toward running for political office one day.