Mariah Carey opens up about bipolar disorder

Long Island native Mariah Carey revealed to People Magazine this week her struggle with bipolar disorder.
She told the magazine that even after her 2001 diagnosis, she “didn’t want to believe it.”
The superstar singer said she finally decided to seek treatment after “the hardest couple of years I’ve been through.”
Andrew Peters, the president of the Mood Disorder Support Group of Long Island, says he lived in denial of his bipolar disorder for 15 years before seeking proper treatment. He's been trying to help others step out from the shadows for years. 
“Come talk to us. You don't have to suffer alone. And I think that's what Mariah was doing. I think she's tired of suffering alone,” says Peters.
Dr. Jason Chorowski, a psychiatrist at South Nassau Communities Hospital, says about 4 percent of the population is affected by bipolar disorder. He says many don't get the help they need.
Dr. Chorowski says seeing a celebrity open up about facing this issue will only help others step out.
“People suffer from this, even people you idolize. Everyone is human. We all have our issues that we're dealing with and getting treatment is important,” says Dr. Chorowski.
Anyone wishing to seek help and or is interested in the Mood Disorder Support Group of Long Island can call 516-499-6374.