Middle Island man arraigned for allegedly shooting at officer

A man who allegedly shot at a police officer after a crash in Middle Island was arraigned in court Monday.

News 12 Staff

Jan 6, 2020, 10:35 AM

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A man who allegedly shot at a police officer after a crash in Middle Island was arraigned in court Monday. 
News 12 was told that the Leroy Jones, of Middle Island, turned himself in to police Sunday evening.
According to authorities, the incident on Dec. 23 took place on Middle Country Road and Wellington Road.
They say a woman in a Nissan Pathfinder was hit by a Volvo on the passenger side of her car. When a 6th Precinct police officer responded to the car crash, the other driver - Jones - ran off on foot.
Police say the officer ran after him and during the chase, the 27-year-old fired a handgun at police and missed. The officer returned fire and the pursuit continued.
Jimmy Rosales says he saw the accident between the two vehicles on surveillance video he since gave to police.
“As soon as he crashed with the lady…he just got out of the car and ran into the woods,” says Rosales.
Pieces of the two cars involved in the accident remain on the lawn in front of Rosales’ store.
Jones is facing aggravated assault, attempted murder, criminal use of a firearm and other charges.
Ira Weissman, Jones’ attorney, says his client was not involved in any of the incidents he is accused of and that police may have the wrong man.
"I think it should be questioned if they are able to identify the person who they're running at.  My client denies that it was him," says Weissman.
The assistant district attorney told the judge that Jones' cellphone with his ID was found inside the Volvo, but Weissman says it’s still not enough evidence.
"That doesn't mean he's the person being chased,” says Weissman. “And certainly a jury would have to find much more. They certainly have to find corroboration."
Jones is being held on a $1 million unsecured bond.

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