Man charged with animal abuse accused of threatening family

A man charged with animal abuse that was caught on camera is now facing charges that he threatened the man who posted the video.
Video on Facebook dated Dec.9 apparently showed Brian DiMartino repeatedly poking a dog inside a cage at his NYDogWorks facility in Oceanside with a stick.
DiMartino, of Oceanside, was arraigned today on charges that he harassed the man who released that video to Facebook.Thomas Marrone, 43, said when his dog Zeus came home from DiMartino’s care, the dog was missing teeth, underweight and frightened.
Since then, officials say there has been bad blood between the two men.
Marrone told News 12, “The man threaten to kill my family. Threaten to kill my kids. He's been driving by my house. He's been sending threatening text messages.”
A judge set DiMartino free without bail and set a court date for May 17. In addition, the judge sent an order of protection meant to keep DiMartino away from Marrone and his family for a year.