Man battling prostate cancer claims 2 CVS employees refused to wear masks properly

A Long Island man who is fighting cancer says his life was put at risk in a Suffolk County CVS after he says two workers refused to wear masks properly.
Dwight Wolter is fighting prostate cancer and has a compromised immune system. He says two workers at a Patchogue CVS wouldn't wear masks effectively, and is calling the incident "immoral."
"I survived a hurricane during a pandemic hoping I'll be strong enough to battle cancer, and then I deal with this?" says Wolter. "This is unjust. It's illegal."
The 69-year-old says he snapped a picture of the pharmacist behind the counter, which appears to show a mask dangling from one ear. He also took a photo of a clerk wearing a mask on her chin.
"I said, 'Can you please put on a mask?' And they said no, it's hot. I said, 'Please put on a mask,' they said no. I said, 'Look, I have cancer," says Wolter.
News 12 visited the pharmacy, where no one working inside was willing to answer any questions. A person who says he is the manager refused to comment.
A corporate spokesperson released a statement to News 12, saying, "A member of our management team contacted Mr. Wolter the other day to apologize for his experience. We provide all employees with masks and they are required to wear them...We have taken corrective action at this store to reinforce our mask requirement."
Wolter says he isn't looking for either employee to lose their jobs. He just wants to make sure this doesn't happen again.