Man allegedly violates discharge after DWI case

Man allegedly violates discharge after DWI case

A Connecticut man who received a misdemeanor charge in what had been a DWI case allegedly tried to drive drunk several times after his plea agreement.

Jason Monet had been accused of drunken driving in an East End crash that permanently injured motorcyclist Sid Hughes. He was originally charged with felony counts of DWI, leaving the scene of an accident and assault. However, the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor because there were no witnesses to the crash.

Monet was required to pay a fine, perform community service and install an interlock device in his car. Prosecutors now say that interlock device caught him trying to drive while intoxicated several times in June.

According to the district attorney, Monet told a probation officer that he was painting on one of those days and that the paint caused the alcohol reading.

The DA says Monet indicated to the court that he intends to admit he violated his conditional discharge agreement with the court. Monet is expected to return to court next Friday to enter his formal plea.

Monet could face nine months in jail.