MacArthur Airport flights could change with merger of Frontier, Spirit airlines

The potential merger of Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines could have a major impact on Long Island's MacArthur Airport.
Frontier Airlines operates 10 flights per day out of MacArthur Airport.
Travelers hope that means more flights will depart from the Ronkonkoma airport that will go to a wider variety of destinations.
Those who fly from MacArthur Airport say they like the short lines and convenience, but wish there were more flights and more direct destinations outside of Florida.
Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter hopes that Frontier Airlines merger with Spirit Airlines will mean more planes landing at the town-owned airport.
"Next week they're resuming non-stop service from Islip to Fort Lauderdale, so they have some exciting destinations and I think with this acquisition we're probably going to see more," Carpenter says.
However, Adelphi economics professor Mariano Torras says the new airline will do whatever the market needs and that could mean fewer flights from Long Island higher airfares.
"If there's significant competition being weeded out then there's really no incentive for prices to remain competitive," Torras says.
The deal still has to be approved by Spirit Airlines' shareholders and federal regulators.
Frontier Airlines is confident the merger will be completed during the second half of the year.