Lynbrook continues to teach cursive handwriting despite no state requirement

Some say it's a dying art, but learning how to write in cursive is alive and well in the Lynbrook School District.
News 12’s Kevin Vesey was in the third-grade classroom at Waverly Park School in East Rockaway where students were learning the ins and outs of script writing.
Not all schools are teaching students how to write in script. The New York state Department of Education does not require cursive instruction at all. Many school curriculums are focusing instead on typing.
Waverly Park Principal Allison Banhazl says the “power of putting the pen to the page has benefits far beyond teaching our kids technology skills.”
“We see benefits in working memory, in comprehension, and the skills they take with them…is something that's been instilled here at Waverly Park before I arrived here, and it's something we will continue teaching our students.”
The school has two students who have won handwriting competitions at the state and national levels.