Long Island's South Shore braces for Isaias impact

South Shore residents are bracing for Isaias, as some areas could see flooding and damages from strong winds.
In Freeport, some boat owners double checked to ensure their boats were secured to the docks.
Meanwhile, homeowners removed their lawn furniture and moved outdoor items back indoors. Some have already taken out their electrical power generators in the event they might experience outages.
Bracco's is one of several restaurants on the Nautical Mile that took precautions by securing their outdoor set ups that were in place as outdoor dining became permissible.
"Hurricane Sandy was really bad, it was like 6 feet high, and we're doing OK now because we're allowed all outside dining, which is good because people don't want to be inside dining," says Bracco's owner Jerry Bracco.
One restaurant owner told News 12 Long Island that he is closing on Tuesday, saying it's not worth the risk to his customers and employees.
Residents say they hope the storm will move through the area quickly while not causing significant damage.
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