Long Island's Hidden Past: Bald Hill Schoolhouse

Remnants of our past are found scattered across Long Island. News 12 Long Island's Danielle Campbell and Brian Endres take us to a little schoolhouse in Farmingville that was the pride and joy of the rural farming community. 
Although from the outside it may not look like much, the Bald Hill Schoolhouse in Farmingville holds a treasure trove of local history. 
The building is the oldest schoolhouse in Brookhaven on its original foundation - generations of Farmingville families learned their lessons there.
Historian B.J. Intini says that the school, built in 1850, was designed in a Greek revival style as a homage to higher learning. 
Students would attend kindergarten to eighth grade in the school. The taller desks were in the back for the older children, the shorter desks were in the front for the little ones.
And unlike most schools of that time, the Bald Hill School had a library with 22 books.
In 1929, the school's doors were shut for good, but the families in the community loved it so much they purchased it and preserved it.