Long Islanders travel to Puerto Rico to help with earthquake recovery efforts

First responders, engineers and health professionals from Long Island, and the rest of the tri-state area, helping the people of Puerto Rico after a series of earthquakes rocked the region.
Long Island resident Ausberto Huertas Jr. is one in a group of New York City buildings experts inspecting houses in Puerto Rico, completing over 1,000 assessments in two weeks. The assessments will allow many residents to return to resting easier at their homes.
The OEM commissioner says, “We are continuing to work with city officials here to do inspections, they feel like they have about half of the buildings done and maybe they will have all of them done by the start of next week and we are continuing to keep our crews here until we get that last house done or inspected."
Meanwhile, residents have experienced more of the tremors and hope the nightmare will end soon.