Long Islanders empty shelves at supermarkets amid coronavirus anxiety

As coronavirus anxiety rises, panicked shoppers are emptying shelves.
The Costco in Commack had lines of shoppers outside its store on Monday as Long Islanders were gearing up to shop in bulk.
Some stores, however, limited the amount of water and paper goods to customers.
At the Target store in Huntington, people found fewer items on the shelves.
“We found nothing. There’s no toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, there’s nothing. I heard someone say around 8 a.m. they’re stock and then in a minute or so, there's nothing,” said Yoselyn Benitez of Huntington.
Joe Bottazzi of Plainview had a car full of groceries and he said shopping early in the morning is the name of the game.
“Basic food that will last couple of weeks. We’re just trying to stock up two to four weeks with supplies. And the dried foods for me and whatever we need for the rest of the week,” Bottazzi said.
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One shopper from Bethpage left because she couldn't find basic fruits, veggies or meat.
“I'm going to wait and first thing early in the morning, I'll come in. I'll come back,” she said. “There's nothing you can say. Everyone is in a panic. It's craziness.”
Anna Maria Ventura of New Hyde Park said she lives alone and just needed to go in for a couple of things
“Get some extras, not a whole lot, I'm not hoarding - let’s put it that way,” Ventura said.
Shoppers said with coronavirus concerns, they're trying to be extra cautious once inside the stores.
“I'm going to take precautions, of course. I wipe down everything that I shop, anything I touch, the checkout touchpad, of course, you need to do that, but just common sense,” said Barbara Woods of Massapequa.
Many shoppers going in and out of Target were doing the same by wearing surgical masks, taking extra steps to protect themselves.