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General HTML Blurbs:

Crime: 1.4788117

Politics: 1.4834123

Environment: 1.4922571

Transportation: 1.5269542

Education: 1.4923272

Consumer: 1.4714512

LI Weather: 1.5604412

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Web link to weather center: 1.5727028
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Add articles to story list: 1.4445638
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Long Beach Boardwalk reconstruction photos: 1.5156651

Long Beach Sandy Relief Items: 1.4527809

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Series Overview article: 1.6258938

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Dog Day Friday instructions:

Thursday afternoon:

- Mark Ambrico will send links and information to Hotline. Please post this in numbers and links for the next day, Friday. (change the date)

- If he sends photos of the dogs/animals set to go on air, please save these photos in Polopoly and create an album. Use the information he gives you on each animal for the photo captions.

- Save the Polopoly ID of the album and email to Lauren Cook to post on Friday AM at 5 a.m.

- These photos should also be FTP'd to the videos folder and put into the number and link you already created.

Friday AM:

- Post the album (should be already made) at 5 a.m.

- If album isn't made yet, please check Hotline if any photos were sent by Mark Ambrico. If so, please put those photos into Polopoly and make the album.

- If not photos were sent, create the album and have it ready to post when you get photos.

- At 710am (or 810am), go down to the lobby and get pictures of all of the animals. Try to get individual ones, ones of them together and playing and ones with the reporter (usually Elisa). Introduce yourself to the shelter people, so they can get the animals to 'pose' for the camera. Take as many as you can, so you have options.

- Upload the photos to your computer (using the disk reader or attaching the camera to the computer). Pick about 10-15 best photos (depending on how many animals, etc.) and put them into the album. Post the album to LI Top Stories. Use the format of 'PHOTOS: Dog Day Fridays for April 5'

- The album also needs to live in the following PQs - 1.4868610 (feature story gallery), 1.4820788 (album story gallery), 1.4297873 (multimedia page)

- In your new album, please put this ID in related content: 1.4820780

- Take one of the photos and swap it out in this story gallery: 1.4868534

- Lastly, check Hotline for extended video. This video should be posted in LI News 12 Extra, LI Top Stories (web), in the number and link that was created the day before, as well as in this PQ - 1.4868610. The title should be Extended footage of Dog Day Fridays for XXX.

- Please check your work on the front page, in the features section, in numbers and links and in the multimedia section.

Joey the Pit Bull:

In the studio album (5/10) - 1.5235741

Previous coverage (3/22) - 1.4865815

Hot in the Hamptons:

Photo gallery: 1.8183356

Hot in the Hamptons instructions:

-Write and post story with video (make sure to grab Elisa's in and out if she's in) in Top Stories PQ. Follow previous stories for structure (alt. headline should be Hot in the Hamptons: XXX; main headline should be more SEO friendly)

-NOTE: Make sure to tag both the story AND video as Hot in the Hamptons (there is a category in Viz). Also, tag it 'Entertainment' in Polopoly. This will ensure they get to the right story lists and galleries.

-Add the following to your story: photos - 1.8183356; HTML blurb - 1.5393730; carousel link: 1.5343522

-If needed, add screengrabs to the photo gallery:1.8183356. Just five or six should do. Put them above the previous ones and swap out the top image. Hit Publish Now on that album. (NOTE: I will let you know ahead of time if photos need to be added)

-Please post your story in this PQ as well: 1.4558966. After you do that, find the Hot in the Hamptons photo album and move it directly below your story in this PQ.

-Lastly, make sure you post your video in the 612 Top Stories PQ.

Belmont Hats:

Photo Gallery: 1.5428481

12 Weeks of Summer:

Banner - 7.5466322

2012 Boating Accident Stats:

Long Island:

Weblink: 1.5611690

HTML Blurb: 1.5611683

Bravo's Princesses Long Island':

Photo Gallery: 1.5373891

Long Island Aquarium:

Photo Gallery: 1.5644978

Animals in the News:

HTML blurb: 1.5466433

Stories: 1.5466277

Long Island mascot Quaker Jack:

Photo gallery: 1.5798752

Story: 1.5797804

Jesse Friedman

Story list: 1.5938813

HTML blurb: 1.5938844

Long Beach International Film Fest 2013:

Photos: 1.5942790

HTML Blurb: 1.5943154

East Garden City Shooting

LI Story List - 1.6146269

LI HTML Blurb - 1.6146300

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