Long Island tree removal services facing weeks of cleanup as calls flood in

While Long Island residents hope they'll be getting power back by Saturday, the tree cleanup might continue on for weeks to come.
A giant downed tree not only crushed Donna Fleischman's backyard, but it also brought down power lines with it. The Plainview residents says she doesn't even know where to begin with cleaning up.
"I need someone to come and start breaking up this tree so we can have power," she says.
But that won't be anytime soon, according to Joe Campos, who owns Arbor Tech Tree Service.
"Carnage all over, trees down, canopies ripped in the trees," says Campos. He says his company is working overtime to get through the work needed to be done, but they aren't able to keep up.
In Massapequa Park, a big tree blown over by the storm measuring at about 1.5 feet in diameter landed on Bill Barry's home.
"I got the chimney to repair, I got the gutters to repair and I got the tree removal," says Barry.
"It was very surprising to see the trees just break in half, that was something that we have never seen before," says Barry's neighbor Scott Damiani.
In South Bellmore, the Napier family got hit hard twice. One tree came down in front of TJ Napier's home, and then a giant oak tree came down on the pool.
"It was a bad this time -- worse than Sandy for us," says Napier.
Many of those who News 12 spoke to said completing their cleanups will take some time.
Campos agrees, saying with the calls flooding in, it could be several weeks for some large trees to be cut up and taken away.