Long Island officials, religious leaders hold 'prayer for peace' following Buffalo shooting

Religious leaders, elected officials and residents gathered together Tuesday to pray for peace in the wake of the Buffalo mass shooting.
The service was held at Hempstead Village Hall.
Village Mayor Waylyn Hobbs Jr. was at the event to honor the 10 lives lost in the supermarket shooting.
"It wasn't a political event, it was a time to come together for healing and comfort, not only for Buffalo, but for the village of Hempstead and for our nation," Hobbs says.
Hobbs has stepped up police patrols in village shopping centers and houses of worship, but no credible threats have been made.
Those who offered prayers say that only love will conquer hate.
"It's not just words, but it's bodies behind the words," says Bishop Wilbert Ingram, of Tiberian Baptist Church. "And if you saw all of us standing here, we were from all different nationalities, different walks of life and you can feel the compassion that came from our hearts."
The Village of Hempstead is urging residents to be aware of their surroundings and if they see something to contact police.