Long Island man unveils serial killer 'murderabilia' to News 12

A Long Island man who collects unusual artifacts gave News 12 a glimpse into the minds of some notorious serial killers Tuesday.
Some people collect cookbooks, coins, comic books, but for David Adamovich, his collection goes into something a little more dark. It involves a collection of artifacts from murderers.
Adamovich says he owns the largest collection of serial killer "murderabilia." There are approximately 9,000 letters, 100 audio tapes and several hundred pieces of art from convicts.
"When I bought it, the intent was to preserve it 100% as it is," says Adamovich. "It wasn't to flip, it wasn't to isolate a particular Gacy or Manson painting for sale, but to put it in an art exhibit and show people what's there for purely historical purposes. No comment whatsoever on what they did to get them in prison."
Some of the items include locks of hair from convicted killers Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy. There are paintings done by serial killers that are dark and devious. There are also letters from Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer. Adamovich even has a paint chip from the death row prison cell of Ted Bundy.
Adamovich says some of the more sought after memorabilia, such as a lock of hair from Ted Bundy, could sell for possibly $50,000. However, he says he has no plans to sell anything.
Adamovich bought the collection about a year ago, and says he plans to put it on exhibit on Long Island and around the country.