Long Island doctor: Coronavirus can jump from animals to humans

Doctors on Long Island are weighing in on the deadly coronavirus that has claimed the lives of 18 people, with some cases starting to show up in the United States.

Dr. Sharon Nachman says the virus can jump from animals to humans.

"It started in an area that humans were interacting with live and dead animals in a marketplace," says Nachman.

She says the coronavirus is similar to other respiratory viruses, but there is no vaccine or treatment.

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Dr. Susan Donelan, medical director for health care epidemiology at Stony Brook University Medical Center, says people need to treat this like any other deadly virus.

"If you are sick, stay home," says Donelan. "If you have a cough or sneezing, don't sneeze into your hands. Sneeze into your elbow and make sure you use hand hygiene."

The World Health Organization says this is still not a global health emergency.