Long Beach warns against water test kit peddlers

Several weeks after a water scare in Long Beach, residents say they are being targeted by water filter companies.
News 12 reported that the E. coli discovery prompted a boil water order on June 24. Nassau County officials lifted the order three days later.
Numerous Long Beach residents told News 12 that peddlers have been going door to door offering free water test kits.
Some say the peddlers are saying they are from the "water department" or the "Home Depot water department" and that residents should use the kits. Some of the kits have a Home Depot logo on them.
The water test kits are from AquaLife, a water filter company based in Brooklyn. The City of Long Beach says it got word of the test kits being handed out and of people claiming to be from the water department.
The city put a notice on its Facebook page calling the kids a cynical ploy after the E. coli alert. City officials say, "These individuals are not affiliated with or endorsed by the city."

Home Depot has since released a statement that reads, "In addition to selling water treatment products in stores, we also contract with local service providers (or dealers) who sell water softener and filtration system installs for customers. We require the service providers who sell these products and systems to do so in an ethical, honest, and straightforward way and they’re not allowed to use our name for door-to-door sales. If anyone represents themselves as a door-to-door salesman from The Home Depot, please contact us at 1 (800) HOME DEPOT. It’s unacceptable and we will address it."
News 12 reached out to AquaLife and a manager who would only identify himself as Alex denied that employees handing out the kits were doing anything wrong.
Some of the test kits say AquaLife is an authorized service provider for Home Depot. A Home Depot spokesperson confirmed it does have independent water filter installers, but that they must operate in an ethical manor and "they're not allowed to use our name for door-to-door sales."
Alex says AquaLife is not trying to sell anything people don't want.
Officials say if residents have questions they should contact the city.