Long Beach athletes help fight hunger during the pandemic

Their sports seasons were wiped out by the coronavirus, but instead of sulking, some Long Beach High School athletes are doing their best to wipe out hunger caused by the pandemic.

The Long Beach High School Christmas Angels loaded carts and have not stopped giving.
Twice a week since the pandemic started in March, the Angels have used money and food donations to feed needy people in Long Beach.

The group will buy it, sort it, and even deliver it. Between health issues and rising unemployment, they're helping about 500 people a week.
"Every time we do this, there's people wrapped around the block waiting for food. It really shows how much you can help," says Trey Sofield, Long Beach wrestler.
The kids also say this group gives them the teamwork they lost when their seasons were canceled.
Instead of scoring points on the field, these athletes are scoring them in the streets, where a bag of food is now lifeline.