Locust Valley school board, superintendent reach 6-figure settlement

A Nassau school superintendent who was put on administrative leave last January reached a six-figure payout with the school board and announced her upcoming retirement.
Anna Hunderfund served as the superintendent of Locust Valley schools for 11 years.
Hunderfund and the Board of Education have reached a settlement agreement stating "Hunderfund has agreed to retire at the end of this school year. In turn the district shall pay to Hunderfund the gross sum of $600,000."
According to the agreement, the payout includes her salary plus payment for all accrued, unused vacation, sick and personal time.
Hunderfund will continue to receive full employee benefits through the end of June. 
According to the settlement, Hunderfund and members of the board have made various claims and accusations against each other. 
All parties have and continue to deny any wrongdoing or impropriety.
Details of the settlement have been deemed confidential. 
The Board of Education released a brief statement to the public of Hunderfund's upcoming retirement. 
The statement reads "the Board would like to express its sincere gratitude to Dr. Hunderfund for her many years of service."