Local veteran volunteers time for food drive

Local veteran volunteers time for food drive

A local veteran is spending Memorial Day weekend helping neighbors in need.

Army veteran Robert Cornicelli volunteered at a food drive Saturday at the Stop and Shop in Smithtown.

Cornicelli retired from the Army but says he continues to serve his community through food drives.

Members of the Stony Brook College Republicans and other community members also came to help out.

Many people associate food drives with holidays, but Cornicelli says hunger needs to be addressed throughout the year.

“People are hungry year-round and it's nice during Christmas, Passover and Thanksgiving, you are thoughtful but we want to bring awareness that you need to be thoughtful year round,” said Cornicelli.

Saturday’s recipient was the Smithown Township Emergency Food Pantry on Edgewater Avenue.

The Smithown Pantry says they help 135 families a month by providing them with at least three days of meals.