Poughkeepsie business feels pressure as COVID-19 cases tick up and omicron variant emerges

Operating a business seems to be a balancing act these days amid an increase in COVID cases, coupled with the unknown information about the new omicron variant.
Jim Sullivan, owner of the Revel 32 in Poughkeepsie, says some people want more safety precautions and some want less at the event venue.
"It's very difficult to operate a business now. You have to operate a business, but more importantly, you have to worry about everyone's health and safety," he says. "I think the public needs to be a little more understanding of the position the small businesses are in, because we are a small business. We're a family-run business, and there's tons of them out there just trying to navigate this. Trying to stay alive."
Sullivan says that there have already been cancellations of Christmas parties at the event venue.
However, Zeus Brewing Company owner Jeremy Phillips says December is usually a good month.
"At least they say there's not a risk of another lockdown, which is promising. And I think if we all take the necessary steps, wear a mask, wash our hands, hopefully we get through this," says Zeus.
The travel industry took off once restrictions were lifted, though new ones are now being issued.
"Compared to last year to where we are now, things are picking up pretty well," says travel agent Rose Freeman, of Dreamcatcher Travel NY.
Freeman doesn't believe business will slow down even with the latest travel restrictions.
"If you have any questions about traveling, travel agents are here for you. Give us a call because we're here to navigate the waters because anything with the pandemic, it's very fluid," she says.