LIRR would get 10% of funds from proposed congestion pricing plan

The Long Island Rail Road could get a new influx of funding if the proposed congestion pricing plan passes.
State lawmakers are expected to approve the plan this weekend. It would impose a toll on people who drive in downtown Manhattan during peak hours.
The plan won't take effect until late next year at the earliest, but it is expected to provide more money for mass transit.
Money raised from the congestion pricing plan is expected to be split up with the LIRR getting 10 percent, Metro-North getting 10 percent and the city's subways getting 80 percent.
MTA Board member Mitch Pally says the plan would provide mass transit with cash they need for improvements.
"This goes a long way to providing funds not just for Long Island, but the entire system that can now be upgraded,” Pally says.
Commuters say they hope improvements will provide more access, more seats and more reliability.