LIRR launches new train-tracking tool

The Long Island Rail Road on Thursday launched a new online tool that allows riders to see exactly where trains are in real time.
LIRR President Phillip Eng showed off the new tool, which is accessible via the web at
The tool allows commuters to pull up the location of their train and see whether it's late or on time, akin to other services with real-time GPS tracking like Uber, Lyft or DoorDash. It provides information such as the car length of your train and whether it's diesel or electric.
Eng says the service will also show construction or other track work that could delay trains. He says the goal is to make riding the rails easier for people.
The tool is currently in beta. Eng says it could eventually be folded into MTA smartphone apps.
On Thursday, the LIRR saw train delays due to broken rails near multiple stations.