LIPA customers secretly paid $6B for energy projects

The state comptroller's Web site has revealed Long Island ratepayers secretly picked up a $6 billion tab for new LIPA energy projects.
The projects include $1.5 billion for the controversial Caithness Power Plant in Yaphank, $1.75 billion for the Neptune power cable and $600 million for the cross sound cable.
LIPA president/CEO Kevin Law, who has promised transparency to customers, says the situation was handled before he took his job.
"I'm not going to second guess or Monday morning quarterback decisions made before I got here," says Law. "I'm going to insist any contracts under my watch would let vendors know 'Hey, you are dealing with a public entity and any contract information you give us in terms of total cost will be shared with the public.'"
Former LIPA chief Richard Kessel says confidentiality agreements pertaining to the project were required by bidding and state law.
"Frankly, I thought contracts should have been public," says Kessel.
LIPA customers are none too pleased with the multibillion-dollar revelation.
"It's disgusting," says Joseph Kallinger, of Hicksville.
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