LI ship safe after Somali pirate attack

A Lake Success-based shipping company says the crew of one of its cargo ships is safe after being attacked by Somali pirates early Tuesday.
The Liberty Maritime Corporation says the ship, called the Liberty Sun, was on a voyage from Houston, Texas to Mombasa, Kenya to deliver food aid to African countries plagued by famine. According to the company, Somali pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at the U.S. vessel before crew members notified the Navy.
The company says the Navy responded swiftly and successfully protected the 20-member crew and vessel. A statement from the Liberty Maritime Corporation would only confirm that the ship and crew are safe. A spokesperson, however, says the ship sustained some damage.
One of the crew members sent an e-mail to his parents as the ship was under attack saying the vessel was being bombarded by rockets and bullets. Last week, the same ship discharged thousands of tons of American food aid and cargo in Port Sudan, the company says.