LI residents say there's nothing sweet about soda tax

Long Islanders are blasting many aspects of Gov. David Paterson's (D-N.Y.) proposed budget for 2009, which he is set to officially release Tuesday.
The budget includes a slew of service and spending cuts as well as extra taxes including a so-called obesity tax, which is designed to help to wipe out the state's $12.5 billion deficit. The tax aims to encourage people to buy diet soda by taxing non-diet soft drinks. Some parents say they?re concerned since diet sodas contain chemicals that are not necessarily healthier.
Even more troubling to parents are proposed cuts to school funding. In addition, Paterson wants to increase tuition at state colleges, cut their funding and bring back the state sales tax on clothing and shoe purchases under $115. Cuts to Medicaid reimbursement and higher gas taxes are also proposed.
Paterson says the state is also facing a $2 billion deficit this year and that such cuts are painful, but necessary.
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