LI residents celebrate 25th annual Oyster Festival

Hundreds of people braved the cold and came out to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay Saturday.
Guests of the annual event strolled from ship displays to pony rides, and did some shopping as well.
"The crowds are great, business is great, and it's a very well-run festival," says local business owner Kerry Simmons.
Like every year, the real stars of the festival that attracted the most attention were the oysters that came from Oyster Bay Harbor. Many people stood in line for up to an hour to try the local delicacy.
Some participants of the festival enjoyed oysters for the first time, while others, like Daryl Dowers, of Syosset, were experienced enough at prying open the tough shells to give master classes to oyster neophytes.
"You stick the knife in the lip, and you push and twist it," Dowers says, while demonstrating his skills. "It comes open, and you slide the knife in, and you cut the mussel that's on the top."
Organizers of the event say the festival originally started as a celebration of President Theodore Roosevelt?s birthday.