LI pastor expresses support for George Floyd demonstrators, calls for accountability

As protests have erupted across the country calling for justice in the death of George Floyd, a Long Island pastor is expressing support for the demonstrations, but not for the violence that has come with them at times.
Pastor Arthur Mackey Jr. is the senior pastor at Mount Sinai Baptist Church in Roosevelt. He says many people are outraged over decades of brutality and injustice, up to and including Floyd's death.
"It was a great injustice to see a black man killed by a white police officer, lynched right before our very eyes," he says.
The Minneapolis police officer accused of killing Floyd has been fired and charged with third-degree murder, but Pastor Mackey believes the other three officers who were fired over Floyd's death should be charged too.
"They must be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment," he says.
The Nassau police commissioner says officials have been reaching out to different community leaders at home -- to work with them and make sure relationships between the police and the community are peaceful.
"We're good here, we're a good community here in Nassau County. Good relationships, good partnerships, we want to continue that. When we have a bad apple, we'll take care of that and we'll let the process take place," says Nassau Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.
In any instances of brutality, Pastor Mackey says police need to hold their officers responsible.
"Too many people have died, too many black people have died, we've got to do the right thing. Doctor King was right. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," he says.