LI native is attorney by day, world-traveling rock star at night

He's an attorney by day, a world-traveling rock star at night, and he grew up right here on Long Island.
Jon Levin is a member of the metal band Dokken. He grew up in the Five Towns and was a member of the group Warlock before he joined Dokken in the 90s.
He also practices family law and some entertainment law.
"I played my first arena when I was only 21 or 22 years old," he says. "Squeezed my school in, because I come from a background where my parents really pushed me towards the education."
Levin says he used to have a makeshift office in the back of the tour bus. "I would be dealing with something that's a pressing situation, literally right up to the point of a few minutes before the tour manager would say, 'You have to get ready to go on stage,'" he says.
Just this summer, he performed at the Wacken Festival.
"He goes to court, pulls his hair back and he looks like a very professional attorney," says Thomas Campagna, Levin's brother-in-law. "When he's traveling with Dokken, he lets his hair down and he's a rock star again."