LI mom raises alarm after son swallows 6 magnets

A Wading River mom is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangers of small toys this holiday season after her young son swallowed six magnets.Lauren Agnew says last month, she took her 5-year-old son, Kyle, to the doctor after he complained of pain. She was told that the boy's symptoms were virus-related, but when he didn't get better two days later, she took him to Stony Brook University Children's Hospital, where an X-ray revealed foreign objects in his stomach."Looking at the X-rays, we weren't quite sure if it was one or several objects, and it wasn't until after surgery we found out it was six magnets," says Dr. Thomas Lee. Agnew says she bought the Mighty Magnets at the retail chain The Container Store, and now she wants other parents to be extra vigilant, no matter how old their kids are."Speak to your children and let them know they shouldn't be swallowing any toys or any kind of objects," Agnew says. The label on the Mighty Magnets says it's not intended for small children.
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