LI man accused of running drug ring faces judge

An alleged drug ring that prosecutors say funneled cocaine and heroin onto Long Island has been dismantled, and the man at the center of the case faced a judge Sunday.
Police say 32-year-old Michael Fearon, of Middle Island, was the kingpin behind a multimillion-dollar drug operation that has been linked to several overdose deaths.
Authorities say Fearon oversaw a ring that transported deadly drugs like cocaine, crack, and heroin from the Bronx and then sold the substances throughout the town of Brookhaven and on the East End.
Police say the deadly drug ring was operated out of a house on Wilson Avenue in Middle Island.
Officials say more than $350,000 in cash was confiscated, along with four handguns and massive amounts of drugs, including more than 3 kilos of cocaine, nearly half a kilo of heroin and 400 grams of crack.
Police say that when officers arrived to arrest Fearon Saturday, he attempted to flee, allegedly crashing his car into two unmarked police vehicles as well as to other cars before he was finally apprehended.
Six other people were also arrested in connection with the drug ring.
Fearon's bail was set at $3.2 million. He could serve 25 years to life behind bars if convicted.
He declined to comment to reporters as he was led out of the Suffolk County Police Department's 6th Precinct Sunday morning.