LI doctors accused of leaving patient in OR

Two surgeons at North Shore University Hospital have been suspended for allegedly leaving a patient on the operating table without completing the surgery.
Sources tell News 12 Long Island North Shore University Hospital is investigating Dr. Paolo Bolognese and Dr. Thomas Milhorat, both with the Chiari Institute, for the April 10 incident. Dr. Bolognese allegedly failed to show up for surgery, leaving an anesthetized patient waiting in the OR. When Dr. Milhorat was called in, he allegedly refused to operate because the patient was not his.
In a written statement, the hospital says, ?Immediately after learning of this incident, hospital officials began an investigation and took action. The hospital will take additional steps in the days and weeks ahead to address all issues identified in the investigation, which is continuing.?
Neither of the suspended doctors could be reached for comment, and a representative for the Chiari Institute referred all questions to the public relations department of North Shore University Hospital.