Levy mulls run for governor

? Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy told News 12 Long Island Thursday that he is considering a run for governor or for the office of New York attorney general.
However, Levy said at this point he is strictly weighing his options.
?All the stars and all the moons would really have to be aligned for something like that to happen,? said Levy. ?But it?s always fun to talk about.?
According to News 12 sources, Levy discussed a run for governor or attorney general with advisors at Oheka Castle a few weeks ago.
However, Suffolk County Democratic Chairman Richard Schaffer tells News 12, ?County Executive Levy is absolutely not challenging Governor Paterson. He just wants to be prepared in case of future openings."
Political consultant Michael Dawidziak said Levy, a lifelong Democrat, could consider a run as an independent or Republican because he is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues.
Gov. David Paterson's approval ratings are below 30 percent. Some political experts say his June 12 fundraiser will be a moment of truth for the governor?s candidacy. They say if he can?t sell out the house, his run may be over.
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