Levittown family reaches out for support as 7-month-old battles rare genetic disease

A Levittown family is reaching out to the public for support for their 7-month-old daughter, as she battles a rare genetic disease.
Brooke Taylor Graffeo has been diagnosed with Hypomelanosis of Ito, a chromosomal mutation that causes skin discoloration, debilitating neurological problems and dangerous seizures.
Her mother, Gabby Graffeo, says she first noticed skin pigmentation on the majority of her body. She says she put herself in support groups online, asked questions and did research to find out about Brooke's condition.
Gabrielle says Brooke suffered from 40 seizures a day prior to them meeting Dr. Louis Manganas of Stony Brooke Medicine.
Manganas, a pediatric neurologist, says when Brooke arrived at the hospital he used four anti-seizure medications to help control her epilepsy. Brooke was able to return home just a few days ago, and her family says for the first time they heard her life and smile again.

Gabby and her husband, Bo, both work as Nassau County paramedics.
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