Lemonade stand festival helps raise money for Stony Brook’s Child Life Program

A local lemonade stand-turned-fundraiser brought in plenty of crowds this past Monday, raising over $40,000.
Three Village Kids Lemonade Stand event took place on August 5 at Robert Cushman Murphy Junior High School, and added onto their already more than $66,000 raised for the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.
Attendees came from all over, drinking lemonade, playing lemonade-themed games, and betting on raffles as well to help the kids reach their goal.
The fundraising started off 2012, when two children – 11-year-old Maddie Mastriano and her 8-year-old brother Joseph – wanted to do a lemonade stand.
Once setting up the lemonade stand, more children started to join in. Instead of trying to split the earnings between 15 kids, they decided to donate their money to the Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.
Ever since then, they have been holding this fundraiser - this year being the seventh one - for the goal of raising money for the Child Life Program at the hospital.
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