Lawsuit claims Nassau discriminates against hearing impaired

A new lawsuit claims that Nassau County is discriminating against people who are hearing impaired.
Robert Piscitello, a 31-year-old who's hearing impaired, applied for a job with Nassau as a police dispatcher. He started the process in the fall and passed all the requirements until he had to take the hearing test.
His lawyer, Jonathon Bell, says Piscitello was told he had to take the test without his hearing aids. Piscitello insisted he couldn't hear without them, but he says the county wouldn't relent.
Piscitello failed the test and didn't get the job.
Bell calls it a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He says the 911 dispatcher civil service test does not list hearing disabilities as reasons for disqualification.
Piscitello says he's never felt such discrimination in his life.
A county spokesperson sent a statement that reads: