Lawmakers: Bed bugs targeting Nassau County

Nassau health officials say bed bugs are becoming a growing problem in the county.Lawmakers from Nassau County held a press conference Tuesday to tell residents how to stop bed bugs from invading their home. They warn catching and spreading bed bugs is relatively easy. Health officials say bed bugs have been an issue in New York City for the last few years. Last year, the city had a 34 percent increase in bed bug cases. Although Nassau and Suffolk don't keep statistics on bed bugs, officials say there has been an increase in calls complaining about them.
Anyone who believes they may have bed bugs in their home is urged to contact an exterminator immediately. Bed bugs don't carry disease like mosquitoes and ticks.
To get rid of bed bugs, experts say first wash all bedding, clothing and linens, then dry everything in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes to kill the bugs. Store everything in sealed plastic bags until after the entire home is treated, then vacuum the floors, furniture, closets and dresser drawers. Finally, call in an expert.
Arthur Katz from Knockout Pest Control says using a combination of inspecting, cleaning and pesticides can clear up a bed bug infestation.
Tips for getting rid of bed bugs
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