Kidney transplant recipient survives battle with COVID-19, receives warm welcome home

Nearly a year after receiving a lifesaving kidney transplant, a Glen Cove man survived his battle with the coronavirus.
Friends and neighbors in Glen Cove organized a welcome home celebration when they learned Frank Petrizzo was getting out of the hospital.
The 49-year-old's wife Michelle says he was admitted two weeks ago following a COVID-19 diagnosis. She says the virus made him so sick that his kidney failed again, as well as other organs. He was put on a ventilator.
"My husband, they told me he had hours to live. Hours," says Michelle Petrizzo. "And it's something I never want to hear. Or your children should never have to hear."
Michelle says he was on a ventilator at NYU-Winthrop for 10 days. But doctors felt he was well enough to continue the rest of his recovery. Staff cheered on Frank as he was discharged -- but the celebration was only beginning.
Although still feeling weak, Frank FaceTimed News 12 with feelings of gratitude.
"It was really truly amazing to see everybody," says Frank. "It's just nice to be home with my wife and kids."