Jones Beach lifeguard possibly bitten by shark

A Jones Beach lifeguard was possibly bitten by a shark Monday.
Park officials say the lifeguard was swimming at the time and suffered a 1-inch bite on his calf. The incident happened around 11 a.m. near the Jones Beach Central Mall. They say the lifeguard reported seeing a fin beforehand.
"We immediately suspended swimming, got everyone out of the water," says New York State Parks Regional Director George Gorman.
Gorman says the lifeguard was treated by EMT's at the scene and then went to the hospital to be checked out.
State police responded with a drone but did not find a shark.
"The drone operator surveyed the waters throughout Jones Beach and determined that there was no shark sighting at that time," says Gorman. "So, we reopened swimming just after 2 p.m."
The incident happened just days after several sharks were spotted on Long Island beaches, including Jones Beach.
Nassau County Executive Laura Curran says boat and helicopter shark patrols, which had already been implemented, will be intensified.
"We're going to be watching the waters very closely," says Curran. "We know late July last year we started to see a real uptick in shark sightings. We started to see it last week."
There are currently no restrictions on swimming.