Jamesburg man blames Costco warehouse for causing flooding around his neighborhood

A Middlesex County man is gearing up to take on a retail giant - all because of flooding issues.

News 12 Staff

Oct 21, 2021, 2:44 AM

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A Middlesex County man is gearing up to take on a retail giant - all because of flooding issues.
Flooding from Henri brought major flooding to Jamesburg, Monroe and Helmetta. And for one Jamesburg resident, it was the breaking point after 20 years of flooding.
Adam Bushman has posted signs along Gatzmer Avenue that read “Costco Flooded Our Homes.”
“The water that’s coming to my basement is not just falling from the sky. It’s directly coming from their retention pond,” Bushman says.
Bushman is a veteran and a software engineer. He has lived in Jamesburg for 30 years.
He was also on the town council about 20 years ago when a Costco warehouse moved into his neighborhood. It is more than 2 million square feet. Bushman says that he knew from the start that it would be a flooding nightmare.
“And Costco said they’re going to do everything possible to prevent that. They’re going to build retention ponds, detention ponds and all of that, and of course, in 2005 we had our first flood,” he says.
Another flood came in 2011. And then more pain a few months ago during Henri. This flood was one of the worst for Bushman and his neighbors.
Bushman says that the retention ponds became overwhelmed.
“So when it overflows, the water heads into our houses,” he says.
Other residents say that it is a problem as well. The wooded area between the warehouse and the homes is supposed to help keep the water away. But it needs to be maintained.
New Jersey has been forced to confront the problem of flooding ever since Henri and Ida.
Busman says that he admits that it is not just Costco’s problem, but the state and local leaders. He says that everyone needs to work together on the issues. But he says that can be difficult.
“You call the municipality and they call you back. You have to call the [Department of Environmental Protection], you’re supposed to keep calling people and it gets very frustrating after a time,” Bushman says.
News 12 New Jersey reached out to the CFO of Costco, who is located on the West Coast. He said that he did not want to comment without knowing more about the warehouse.

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